The name HACK as knife makers is already mentioned in documents in the 6th generation and goes back to the 15th century.

Until the 1960s we exclusively produced the original "Trattenbacher Taschenfeitel". Since the sales figures of the pocket knife decreased considerably, we changed our production to hand knives of all kinds.


At the beginning of the 60s our current company building was built. Our predecessors at that time were particularly proud of our hydroelectric power plant which was equipped with the most modern turbine. 2 years ago it was completely overhauled and still covers a part of today's electricity needs.


In the 70s the production was considerably expanded and since then we have been producing various snack and vegetable knives, kitchen knives, dining cutlery, staghorn and hunting knives. While in the past the handles were only made of wood, today high-quality plastic is used in various colours which according to the spirit of the time is dishwasher-safe. Our best known and top-selling product is the so called "Pfeifenmesser" which is sold under the brand HACK-STAINLESS


In 1985 the company was taken over by the married couple Ludwig and Irene (née Hack) SCHARNREITHNER in order to continue the old tradition of knife production.

A significant step in our history was that in 1992 we established a modern tool and fixture construction. With the help of special, computer-controlled wire erosion machines and CNC machining centres, we were able to gain well-known companies in Austria as customers, most of which are active in the vehicle manufacturing industry. We achieved a good reputation especially through customised products. At the same time, we are able to manufacture all our tool moulds for the knife shop in-house. 

We are proud to be one of of the last knife manufacturers in Austria that are in the position to still produce everything in-house, from the metal sheet to the knife blade and from the wooden log to the knife handle.


Since 2004 we are ISO-certified "EN ISO 9001:2015".


We are also particularly proud of the fact that since autumn 2015 the "Taschenfeitel" has been an intangible UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Our production line:

  • "Taschenfeitel"
  • Pocket knives with promotional imprints
  • Vegetable and kitchen knives
  • Household and industrial knives 
  • Dining cutlery, staghorn and hunting knives