Old becomes new!

The old Pelton turbine was replaced by a new through-flow turbine

The old hydroelectric power station with a Pelton turbine was commissioned in the 1950s and from then on produced electricity on a daily basis. The old hydroelectric power plant was of course optimized in the last years and produced up to 15 kw of electricity at peak times. The electricity generated by this plant covered a part of the in-house electricity demand. At that time, all components were cast from one piece and laboriously made by hand. This was also experienced by our employees, who were instructed to dismantle the old system which was a sweat-inducing detail work of dismantling the components, some of which weighed several hundred kilos. 

The new small power station was calculated and custom-made by the company Danner. The new plant is not a Pelton turbine like the old one, but a through-flow turbine. As you can see on the photo, the new turbine is much smaller and weighs about 480 kg. However, the generator was a little bit bigger, with its 560 kg and a diameter of 750 mm it is designed for a max. power of 37 kw. As already calculated by the company Danner in advance, the new hydroelectric power plant supplies up to 30 kw of electricity at peak times. Like the old plant, the power plant is controlled automatically. Only the automatic start-up after a power failure was added in terms of control technology.