Care and Safety Instructions for Knives

  • Dry the blade after each use. Do not let the blade air dry (danger of flash rust!). 
  • Always wash knives with wooden or horn handles by hand, not in a dishwasher. Knives with plastic handles are dishwasher-safe, but should always be dried thoroughly directly after the washing process (danger of flash rust!). 
  • We therefore strongly recommend to clean all knives by hand, as the strong heat or aggressive detergents can also affect the blade's edge retention. 
  • The cause of rust-like spots is so-called flash rust, which comes from steel pots or other materials in the dishwasher.
  • Please check the dishwasher and locate the source of rust (e.g. damaged dish rack, tea strainer, handle of an old pan). Rust stains can be removed with standard cleansing milk.
  • Even though the blades are rust-resistant, they are not completely rustproof. Stainless steel blades would no longer be sharp.
  • Only use the knife for its intended purpose.
  • Improper use can damage the blade.
  • Only use the knife on suitable surfaces. Do not touch the blade of the knife when using it.
  • Keep the wooden and horn handles in good condition with natural oil (e.g. olive oil, horn oil). Apply the oil sparingly to the handle with a soft cloth.
  • Have the knife sharpened from time to time by a professional knife sharpener.

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