Measuring Technology

Since the foundation of the tool and fixture construction, we have always used the latest measuring equipment, such as our Hermle milling machines, which are equipped with a digital measuring system from the company Heidenhain. All calipers and checking gauges are maintained and checked according to EN ISO 9001-2000.


In December 2010 we decided to go a new way in the field of measuring technology.


After an intensive selection process of various measuring machines and their manufacturers, the decision to purchase a ZEISS CONTURA G2 Navigator was very easy.

The measuring machine was put into operation in a new air-conditioned precision measuring room.


With a measuring range of 700/1,000/600 and an accuracy of 1.5+ L/333 X 1,000 mm, we cover the entire machining range of our milling machines. With the new measuring software CALYPSO we are very flexible in the field of contract measurement and are well equipped for a measurements in between.